Philadelphia Community Corps holds inaugural Salvage Olympics


Philadelphia Community Corps inaugural Salvage Olympics were held . PCC Executive Director Greg Trainor joins Good Day Philadelphia Weekend to discuss the Salvage Olympics.


A little bit about the Philadelphia Community Corps. We are a deconstruction job training non-profit so we short version of teaching people how to take buildings apart and salvage materials for reuse as a way of getting them back into the workforce.

Deconstruction which is basically an environmental alternative to demolition is a great way to create more jobs out of an industry that already exists.

Philly Reclaim is a 20,000 square foot building for all those building materials from salvage projects are resold to the community of really affordable rates. This keeps demolition materials out of the landfill and helps to preserve our architectural heritage

Since the Olympics are coming up and we thought let’s do a Salvage Olympics to show off the different kinds of things that we have and do at Philadelphia Community Corps and Philly Reclaim. .The event is free and open everybody to attend. TherIf you decide to participate basically you’re going to compete against each other. We are hoping a lot of members of the community come.